Textile Expert Trend Zone

For the first time at Kyiv Fashion during the whole run of the exhibition specialists could visit Textile Expert Trend Zone, the zone of trends in textile of fall&winter 2018-19 season. It presented general directions of the season, as well as key themes, which are necessary to create a clothes collection.

There were three groups of fabrics presented in the Trend Zone:

  • For outerwear
  • For costumes and knitwear
  • For festive clothes.

So if you visited Trend Zone, you could find out that the main trends of the upcoming fall&winter season are:

  • In outerwear:
    Faux fur coats, lambskin coats, down and puffy jackets
  • In costumes and knitwear:
    Knitted clothes, checkered clothes, animal prints, metallic color clothes, costume tweed (Chanel-styled tweed)
  • In festive clothes:
    Spangle, (lacquered, velvet), lacquered leather, embroidery on gauze, lace

All these novelties were presented in Textile Expert Trend Zone, which was prepared by the organizer of the exhibition – Kyiv International Contact Fair, Ltd. and Moda Textile company. Visiting the stand, one could get oriented in the main directions of the upcoming fall&winter season, formulate basic tendencies and visions of the future clothes collections by Ukrainian designers and manufacturers, as well as to get advice and recommendations of experts and specialists of Moda Textile company. High quality and affordable prices for trendy novelties of the season helped the visitors and participants of the exhibition to make the right and fashionable choice among a big variety of fabrics, presented on the Ukrainian market.

Organizer: Kyiv International Contact Fair, Ltd., Moda Textile company.