See ARSI at Kyiv Fashion!

See ARSI is the brand that produces clothes in street casual style. The main feature of this direction of fashion and comfort, freedom and self-expression. Olha Moroz, the founder of the brand, understands well how important the quality of children’s clothes is for parents.

See Arsi is a huge universe of looks that consists of bright details. See Arsi knows the value of clothes’ quality and comfort. That is why the brand guarantees them. The main task of See Arsi is to satisfy a child’s need in style and comfort. Detailing is the major principle of See Arsi. Often after imagining only a detail, the designer creates the whole collection based on it.

See Arsi brings to life many associations of 21st century children, so-called generation Z, which is very unique.

Despite the fact that all possible forms and models were invented long ago, See Arsi has managed to find the key to unusual textures. The formula of original clothes is a wide outlook and energy of modern childhood.

Collections by See Arsi make shopping easier by means of capsule looks. They are formed as easy as Lego, making a completed image.

Now See Arsi is actively socializing. The brand participated in Ukrainian Kids Fashion Week, Antvan Fashion Days in Kyiv, International Kids Fashion Week in Saint-Petersburg etc.

Find the brand See ARSI at Showroom Е2Е4 at the booth 1С111!