ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear

ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear means comfort and perfect quality, embodied in author’s knit clothes.

Every unit of clothes by ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear is unique and meets the latest trends. Besides, high quality of manufacture is not an option, but an integral part of all collections of the brand, included in its philosophy.

Founder of the company inherited love to knitting from her great-grandmother – Nadiia Romanova. The brand was named after her and one of its key principals is careful use of the heritage of old knitting culture.

Products by ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear are like an invitation to the hearth, where the atmosphere is always warm and comfortable. Attention to details and diligent work turn each thing into a masterpiece that has special energy, because sometimes design and production of a particular thing can take up to few months.

In its work the brand uses only natural yarn, of Italian manufacturers mostly.

Clothes in collections of ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear suit any taste – starting from basic sweaters and ending with original and unusual models, which can play a major part in any image. The clothes will perfectly suit stylish and confident people, who value comfort and like surrounding themselves with unusual things that have a story behind.