MAGA at Kyiv Fashion!

Jewelry studio MAGA was created 5 years ago. Right then the founders of brand, who had lived in the East for several years, were inspired by Japanese aesthetics and decided to present to the market their exclusive collection of products. The founders of the brand Olena Kuzmina and Liudmila Babych believe that a piece of jewelry is not just an adornment, but also a beautiful accent that betters the mood and accentuates the image.

The distinctive feature of MAGA is absence of trivial things. The power of the brand lies in the creative team of professionals: all adornments have a high quality and interesting design. Collections by MAGA include gold and silver jewelry, adornments with precious and semi-precious stones, the majority of which are handmade. It seems that there is no such a thing, which masters of MAGA cannot make.

Today MAGA is a jewelty brand, which offers only best things to their clients. Wear only beautiful things every day!

Find MAGA brand at Showroom Е2Е4 at the booth 1С111!