Gridress at Kyiv Fashion!

Lingerie style dresses, which became a signature product of Gridress brand, are combined well with basic long-sleeves and sweatshirts in the collection  FW’18/19. The use of lingerie style dresses with bright faux fur-coats is no less harmonious. Gridress cares not only about the look of women, but also about nature. Gridress does not use the materials, which were made in the way that hurt animals, in its manufacture. Yet the fabrics are qualitative and have a pleasant touch.

Gridress is 3 years old, the brand was created in Kharkiv by a practicing designer Karyna Hryshko.

Concept idea of the brand: simplicity, laconism, minimalism.

Aim of the brand: youth’s trends.

Target audience: students-girls and a bit older girls, who are active and attractive, like sports and travelling. Average price segment.

Booth number is 1С012.