Eco & Ethno Fashion

Eco and ethnic fashion are very interesting, and very promising trends in the fashion industry, which are gaining more and more popularity around the world as well as in Ukraine. After all, we can notice tendency in increasing of quantity of people, who are thinking about ecology and buying eco-pure production.

Today problems of ecology are particularly relevant. Therefore, a lot of companies try to use natural raw materials. Fashion brands and famous designers around the world are trying to draw attention to environmental issues using textile art of natural materials in their collections.

In its turn, the secret appeal of ethnic style lies in amazingly harmonious expression of closeness between humans and nature existing in every culture. In the modern fashion ethnic style can be considered as innovative, it inspires new creative ideas. Previously Ethnic features were used in the fashion world as the way of expressing individuality and independence.

At the peak of popularity eco-fabrics were painted in natural colors, decorated with Moroccan patterns, Indian ornaments, Ukrainian flavor, tender images of Japanese sakura, and a winter snowflake ornament from Scandinavia.


  • Eco trend - clothing, textiles, and accessories made of ecologically pure materials (products made of natural materials: bamboo, linen, silk, nettle, hemp, soy, palm fiber, organic cotton, wool and other raw materials)
  • Ethnic trend - development of ethnic techniques, as well as the preservation of traditional technologies for creating, processing and dyeing (observance of ethnic trends, national and folk style)

The exhibition was created in order to promote environmentally pure materials and products in the fashion industry, as well as demonstration and development of fashion trends in ethnic areas.