Buy Fashion Business

Within Kyiv Fashion for many years in a raw a specialized exhibition of franchising in fashion industry Buy Fashion Business has been held. A growing number of well-off clients has resulted in an active use of franchising schemes in fashion industry. Uniqueness of the exhibition lies in the fact that the organizer brings together franchisers with various offers and variants of franchises, who are ready to suggest a wide assortment of buying a business within one exhibition: from a successful fashion store and underwear to the opportunity of using famous and successful trademark.

At the exhibition there will be presented franchises of the following directions:

  • Clothes (outerwear, sportswear, clothes made of leather and fur, jeans)
  • Underwear and accessories
  • Clothes and accessories for newborn
  • Clothes and underwear for expecting and breastfeeding mothers
  • Developing and educational games and methods
  • Children model agencies
  • Franchising sales networks and chains

In order to help choose business and lay a foundation for its successful development, there is an active business program of the exhibition. Traditionally, experts of Triarh company, which organizes seminars on franchising at the exhibition Buy Fashion Business, share their experience, explaining philosophy and practice of franchising, the main aspects of enterprises operation on the example of successful franchisees in Ukraine and abroad.

The main aim of the specialized exhibition of franchising Buy Fashion Business is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to exchange opinions and experience, to demonstrate their achievements and common points for cooperation. The exhibition Buy Fashion Business offer the widest possibilities for communication between representatives of companies-franchises with current and potential franchisees, facilitating origination of new franchises and development of the existing ones.