Over 20 ideas on selling things that do not sell themselves

Strange it may be, yet in some stores there is no plan on sales. Similar to sales. Sounds logical, no plan – no sales, but there is a great number of unsold positions and debts. A more common phenomenon is when there are plans only on the amount of profit. At first glance, it is an understandable and obvious criteria, but can we drive a car, for instance, taking into account only one criteria? Therefore it is needless to speak about retail. Information about profit gives no information to the owner about the condition of the store, because there is no control about average receipt and sale of some particular positions. Ypu can manage only those things, which you can measure. The things you can’t measure lead to the fact that some products remain and the owner experience losses.

On January 30 at 14:00 Hennadii Tkachenko will tell how to sell things that do not sell themselves.