Сontest of ready wear drafts «Golden Flourish»

Contest of drafts “Golden Flourish” is the project that demonstrates and promotes the art of young fashion designers. The purpose of the contest is to show to a wide public, specialists of light industry and mass media with modern achievements of young fashion designers. Due to this project, designers can establish mutually beneficial contacts with manufacturers.

Participants of the contest are young fashion designers (individual designers and employees of sewing companies, enterprises of light industry).

Results of the contest of drafts “Golden Flourish” (February 7-9, 2018)

We congratulate the winners of an annual contest of clothes drafts “Golden Flourish”, held within the 34th International festival of vogue Kyiv Fashion. This year the contest was held in the category:

STREET FASHION – collection of Pret-a-Porter clothes drafts.

Every year designers from all over Ukraine participate in the contest. For young specialists participation in the contest is the opportunity to make a name for themselves and interest manufacturers, who can offer a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The winner of the contest “Golden Flourish” is the work The Power of Love by Olena Dobrovolska.

The second place: “Blackberry jam” by Mariia Fedotova.

The third place: “Tomber La Chemise by Eugeniia Holovchanska.

Participants of the contest of clothes drafts Golden Flourish” in the category STREET FASHION:

Balayage by Viktoriia Yashan

The Power of Love by Olena Dobrovolska

Tomber La Chemise by Eugeniia Holovchanska

Woman + by Kateryna Panko

Blackberry jam by Mariia Fedotova

Cities of Butterflies by Marharyta Lyzohub

City of Gods by Olena Bohan-Liulka

City of Heroes by Olena Bohan-Liulka

Deja-vu by Nataliia Kyriachkova

Head of the Jury:

Olha Kalashnykova - Associate Professor of the Costume Design Department of Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and head of MBA program Fashion Industries & Luxury Goods of a Paris-based Institute Mod'Art International in Saint Petersburg

Members of the Jury:
Golda Vynohradska – President of National Industrial Partnership in Light Industry “Fashion Globus Ukraine”, Vice-President of Ukrainian Designers Confederation
Nataliia Lukianets – Fashion expert, Author of the blog Studioofmydreams, Former Editor-in chief of Atelier magazine
Oleh Tsytsenia – Director of Raslov TM
Oleksandra Penchuk – Head of fashion design section of Design and Advertisement Department of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor of Higher Degree Commission.

Moda Textile company – the partner of the contest and one of the leading wholesale companies providing textile and accessories in Ukraine – granted the winners with discount certificates for textile.

Results of contest «Golden Flourish». (February, 19-22, 2013)

Within the frames of the 24th edition of Kyiv Fashion, the international festival of vogue, annual contest of ready wear drafts Golden Flourish was held. Congratulations to the winners:

1st prize - Darya Mauch (Kyiv) «URBANUS»
2nd prize -Thunder Ludmila (Kyiv) - «Futurist»
3rd prize - Elena Maximova (Kharkov) - «IBEN LAVIL»

Results of contest «Golden Flourish»

Within the frames of the 22nd edition of Kyiv Fashion, the international festival of vogue, the 5th annual contest of ready wear drafts Golden Flourish was held. The represented collections were united by the topic "Youth fashion. City style". 25 designers from 11 regions of Ukraine, as well as from Transdniestria and Russia, took part.

The contest held within the single Ukrainian event helps young designers to make themselves famous, present their creative works to the public, establish useful contacts with manufacturers.