Promotion of sales in a store

Are you familiar with the situation, when discounts do not increase the number of bills… You seem to have money, but at the same time you do not … The profit is falling down, while the amount of remaining products is growing … What should you do? What are the variants to promote sales? How to attract attention of new customers and maintain a high traffic? How to reduce the amount of remaining products from the previous seasons? What should you do to increase sales in your stores? All these problems will be discussed at the workshop by Hennadii Tkachenko on September 6.

The workshop will cover such subtopics as:

  • Aims and characteristics of promotions in stores: a promotion is not a sale
  • Variants of promotion sales depending on a product and season
  • Consumers’ segments: who is more interesting for a store?
  • Types of promotion events for consumers or ways to earn and not to loose
  • “yours is closer and cheaper” or variants to encourage shop-assistants

About the coach

Hennadii Tkachenko, personnel coach for stores and boutiques, personal consultant of retail networks’ owners, TOP speaker of conferences on retail, top-manager of Retail Studio G.T.

Time and venue: September 6, 12.00 – 13.00, Conference room 4, Exhibition hall 1.