Seminar “How Pinterest and YouTube help to sell clothes abroad”

How to get and attract to your website potential clients from Pinterest and YouTube?

What are the peculiarities of these networks and why are they becoming main channels for clothes selling for the women’s target audience in 2019?

Outline of the seminar

  • Who are visitors of YouTube? Peculiarities of target audience
  • Who are visitors of Pinterest? Peculiarities of target audience
  • Statics and trends of networks
  • Photo or video content? What is better for selling clothes?
  • What is popular in Pinterest and YouTube? How to sell clothes with the help of these posts?

Speaker: Svitlana Prokhorovska, business consultant, copywriter, author of the SVP Business Consulting project.

Time: January 30, 12.00 – 13.00

Venue: Conference room 3, Exhibition hall 1