Trendy Zone – new project at Kyiv Fashion

For the first time, the Trendy Zone of Kyiv Fashion will demonstrate the world’s megatrend featuring the obviously positive dynamics of consolidation of the fashion industry segments and directing Ukrainian mentality, – the trend defined on the basis of analysis and scientific methodology of fashion prognostication. The vector of fashion development we suggest will become the core topic not only of the Trendy Zone, but the Kyiv Fashion exhibition in general.


Trendy Zone is an innovative project of Kyiv Fashion, the largest exhibition forum of Ukraine, offering the modern concept in line with the key fashion exhibitions of the world. It is a special localized area where one can see, hear, read and even touch everything that would become very topical and sought-after very soon. Mass media often give manufacturers different “trendy” information not supported by any scientific researches and containing much unprofessional “garbage” and mistakes, non-structured and with absolutely no adaptation to Ukrainian market.

It is well-known that not always the tendencies being developed in Western Europe or USA become popular in Ukraine. This is true not only for the ready wear style, silhouette forms and proportions, decoration and texture solutions, but also color and image in general. Though trends are generally thought not to have any nationality, the team of the Kyiv Fashion exhibition is sure that trend should be adapted to mentality and peculiarities of every market.


The Trendy Zone sees its aim in broadcasting one of the most important signals for Ukrainian fashion industry – i.e. the vector of development for the next seasons and its actualization in bright, well-reasoned and professional presentation. It will become the culmination and creative core of the Kyiv Fashion exhibition, as important manifestation the Ukrainian fashion industry market lacked. This is why we offer the format, which has embraced the most important elements: new products and new presentation, in order to help professionals, who are searching for novelties, to decide on the color palette, pictures, textures, style, philosophic concept of the fashion of the future.