Fashion – 2020: power of Instagram and technological progress. Refinement of tendencies

Lecture by professor Liana Biliakovych at the exhibition Kyiv Fashion: “Fashion – 2020: power of Instagram and technological progress. Refinement of tendencies “

September 7 at 12:30 in Conference room 4

There are so many ways how people call OUR DYNAMIC TIMES in scientific and popular press, in social networks and philosophical discussions on TV… The age of “critical” polystylism, postpostmodernism, camp and normcore (to put it simply – the lack of taste), the 4th technical (technological) revolution, age of Instagram, the period of disregard to gender and sensuality, period of unisex, the time of generation Z…and in general – requiem mass for fashion at the time when deficit of ideas is growing. But is it really that much scaring and depressing? It is OUR time and we will not have the other one. We will try to understand it in order to explain significant changes of the new future tendencies, since fashion, as the reflection of reality, creates its vision of the aesthetics of clothes and its symbolic meaning.

Today modern people have learnt to feel time as a coordinate of space, to watch and explain many phenomena, unseen before, to implement artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies and genetic engineering in order to solve extremely difficult tasks; to become qualified guides in the chosen information field for online legitimization of their own insides and life-hacks, while increasing self-esteem and becoming specialists for others, including specialists in image, style, fashion and beauty. We are not surprised by scientific discoveries, which keep rushing into our lives and change it. And generation Z start with learning how to use gadgets rather than speak. Centennials bring much fresh, experimental, prudent and unexpected to our lives! They give the notion “fashion” its own renewed meaning, as well as the phenomenon “trendsetting” (since trend is their own preferences and tastes). The number of conformists among fashion consumers is significantly decreasing, while two years ago this segments made up 70% of the consumer market! And fashion brands created their marketing strategies taking them into consideration. Now everything has changed a lot.

World Fashion Houses hire young designers (not limiting them financially), in order to breathe new life into their brands. But a strange generation Z does not want to work even for the most prestigious players of the fashion market, because they dream to create collections under their own names! 30% of the designers of first-class professional fashion weeks (Paris, Milan, London, New York) during the last seasons were unknown young ambitious designers from Asia, Africa, Arab countries and Eastern Europe. Their artwork is a real Klondike of new ideas and solutions. Once the famous Coco Chanel said that “it is right, when fashion heads from professional podiums to streets, and it is strange when it happens vice versa”. And today this “vice versa” is exactly what we observe)) Any Fashion house does not start their work on a new collection without studying “tastes of the street”, reflected in Instagram, the music, ideas, art, manners and preferences in everything.

As usual, the visual materials of the lecture (330 slides and 8 videos) will explicitly demonstrate directions of development of the future fashion. Materials of the lecture are exclusive; they were received based on scientific methodology of Fashion Forecast and author’s methods of Prof. Liana Biliakovych, and the professional audience of international festival of vogue Kyiv Fashion will be the first to see them.