The company "Bijouterie brand "Elate" (Elate.bijou) at Kyiv Fashion!

The company is a manufacturer of qualitative bijouterie of Lux class with natural stones, pearls, silk, silver and leather.

This year the company will present the following collections at the exhibition:

  • Necklaces made of 100% silk with a bunch of natural stones and qualitative crystals.
  • Sets, web necklaces with lines of natural stones, pearls, Czech beads, qualitative crystals, silvered and gilded beads.
  • Brushes (earrings of different length, including ones with natural stones, as well as porter en sautoire with natural stones and brushes).
  • Collection of men’s and women’s bracelets with natural stones.
  • Collections made of 925 silver with pearls (author’s necklaces, earrings etc.)
  • Minimalistic collection “Natural stone on a line”.
  • Items with natural stones (necklaces, earrings, braided adornments).


  • We have been presenting inspiration and beauty to our clients for 6 years;
  • Our products are used in over 10 countries so far;
  • We work witj natural semiprecious and precious stones, qualitative pearls, 925 silver; natural leather, 100% silk, lace and qualitative crystals;
  • We have participated in 54 exhibitions, fashion shows, festivals and events;
  • 46% of all orders were made on individual order with the choice of materials, color, stones and models;
  • Successful experience of providing wholesale orders of adornments and fabric Christmas tree toys.

Find Elate brand at Showroom Е2Е4 at the booth 1С111!