Which social network a clothes-selling business should choose

Do you like social networks? Or are you simply studying them, because your clients use them?

If you are an entrepreneur, representative of a larger business and you have been putting off your active work on social networks, then now you definitely understand that you should have arranged your active work related to your business in social networks yesterday.

Today each social network has become quite expensive and complicated. But at the same time you are not ready to implement everything in your company at once. And paradox lies in the fact that at present every social network has started to require its own content.

What should you choose if your business is related to fashion industry? And what are you choosing from: Facebook or Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest? Which social networks are you comparing? And where do you want to develop your business: on domestic market or abroad?

If you want to understand the difference and make the right choice for your business, please, attend the seminar.


  1. What target audience predominantly uses Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.
  2. Important statistics on social networks. How to respond to the news about monthly decrease of Facebook users from 8,5 bln two years ago to 4,7 bln this year.
  3. How YouTube developed. What to present to Ukrainian and foreign audience.
  4. Pinterest. Why is it important to use Pinterest and how it can help your business.
  5. How much time is needed to start getting benefits from a social network.

Please, visit the seminar if you want to get answers to the questions above and to find out something new about these social networks and if you need additional information to decide what social network you should actively work with in your fashion business.

Seminar is free for participants and visitors of the exhibition.

Time and venue: September 5, 11.30 – 12.30, Conference room 3, Exhibition hall 1.


Svitlana Prokhorovska. Business consultant, copywriter, author of the SVP Business Consulting project. Author of educational articles on business and sales in PRO Maison, newspaper Chastniy Predprinimatel (Private Entrepreneur). For more information, please, visit the website: http://www.svp-business.com