Brand Touch Me_by_Olena_Kovalenko produces knitted products from premium quality materials

Our products include sweaters, cardigans, dresses, evening and everyday clothes. Our focus is: Beauty at the level of comfort, bold wearable creativeness, bravery, ingenuity in self-expression, free cut; the materials, which are pleasant to touch of the highest quality: cashmere, silk, alpaca, kid mohair, viscose; unusual colors + sophisticated geometry + universality + combinability.

Where to wear? To the party, to the park for a walk, to the office, to have a cocktail with a friend… In the eyes of Touch Me_by_Olena_Kovalenko a woman is open to discover her creative self, freedom and comfort.

Find the brand Touch Me_by_Olena_Kovalenko at Kyiv Fashion in Showroom Е2Е4 at the stand 1С111!